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Most of my customers order original style rebuilt Z1 …

This Kawasaki '74 900 Z1A has been fully rebuilt in '70 A.M.A. U.S. Superbikes spirit.
The bike is in brand new condition with special equipments :
  • Yoshimura 4x4 black exhausts + mounting kit
  • 18' alloy front wheel
  • 18' alloy wide rear wheel
  • chrome Martin swingarm
  • KONI rear shocks  
  • complete new '74 tankset green/yellow
  • lower seat   
  • new rebuilt japaneese tachometer and speedometer
Engine is a rare very low miles one : 10 000 miles from the origine.
It was full controlled and refurbished :
  • controlled, balanced and welded crankshaft
  • controlled complete gear box
  • new oversized pistons and rings
  • bored and resurfaced cylinders
  • complete refurbished and resurfaced head
  • new valves, seals and guides
  • new reinforced cam chain + idlers + tensioner
  • big oil pump
  • modified lower oil pan.

All engine components (crankcase, cylinder, head) blasted, black high temperature painted and baked.
Controlled and powdered repainted frame (high glossy black) and all black metallic parts.
New bearings (swingarm and steering).

New other parts list  :
  • complete tankset with emblems, side covers and rear fender cover
  • front fender
  • short rear fender
  • rear inner fender
  • front fork inner tubes, caps, chrome clips, chrome covers, chrome bolts
  • complete headlight and brackets
  • handlebar + chrome bolts
  • mirrors
  • electrics switches & hand grips
  • indicator panel
  • clutch level and front brake level
  • complete wiring set
  • ignition coils
  • ignition switch  (2 keys)
  • turn signal and short stems
  • airbox
  • front brake caliper + pipes
  • front brake master cylinder
  • front and rear complete footrests
  • complete headlight + tailight
  • rear brake pedal
  • gear change pedal

New cables (clutch, carbs, tacho, spedoo), new clutch discs and springs, new rear chain  kit, new battery, new tires, news filters, new spark plugs, new brakes paddles, etc ...

Original '74 refurbished carbs with new Keyster kits, T connectors and intake pipes.

Complete rebuilt front fork : inner tubes, springs, dustboots, caps, oil.

Big oil pump ('83 GPZX). 
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