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1973 Kawasaki serial # 12XXX.

This Z1 arrived in my place in very poor condition.

Customer asked me to rebuild carbs, but obviously the complete bike needed a complete restoration.

Frame had been modified and badly welded in the ‘70s.

Z1 engine had been replaced by a ’78 Z1R one, in the ‘80s.

According to my customer’s final wishes, every part of this machine has been 100% dismantled and restored.

As you can see, the owner asked me to install large rear alloy wheel (4,5’ X 18’) and small front alloy wheel (2,5’ X 18’).

The rear wheel transformation included a larger and longer square section swingarm (black powder coated) and longer Öhlins shocks.

The chassis was fully stripped and the frame powder coated in black. All other black brackets and parts have received the same.

All chassis bearings, bushings and rubber parts have been replaced.

Complete Z1R front fork, calipers and brake discs have been installed.  

Used Z1R engine has been replaced by a complete rebuilt Z1 engine.

Crankshaft disassembled and inspected. Bore is 1015 cc with new pistons and new rings. All cam chain parts are new as well as the valve guides.

Cases, cylinder and head are painted to original satin finish. All bolts and nuts correct. Transmission and clutch are new.

The ’76 factory exhaust system was the only parts in good condition ...

’76 Z 900 A4 replaced old Z1 carbs.

New replica parts :
  • tankset
  • lower seat
  • front and rear lights
  • turn signals
  • front LTD fender
  • rear fender
  • switches
  • gauges
  • master cylinder (’08 Z 750)
Bike is now very comfortable and easy to use.

All original parts has been stocked by the owner : in the future, he can replace them to get another genuine Z1 !
restauration-z1-n12xxx-6 restauration-z1-n12xxx-2 restauration-z1-n12xxx-5
restauration-z1-n12xxx-3 restauration-z1-n12xxx-9 restauration-z1-n12xxx-8
av-restauration-z1-n12xxx restauration-z1-n12xxx-1 restauration-z1-n12xxx-10

Before restoration

av-restauration-z1-n12xxx-1 av-restauration-z1-n12xxx-2
av-restauration-z1-n12xxx av-restauration-z1-n12xxx-3